Save Our Steinway


Steinway Model B, Rosewood, 7 octaves. Shipped to Conover Brothers Music in Kansas City, Missouri, on May 24, 1879.


The Bates County Historical Society, Inc. was established in 1961 as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  Throughout the years, the Society has worked tirelessly to Preserve Our History & Sustain Our Heritage.  These efforts have reaped abundant benefits that are today enjoyed by all who visit the Bates County Museum.  The Society’s commitment to the tradition of preservation excellence stands strong.

The fundraising campaign to save and fully restore our 1877 Steinway Grand Piano is a unique opportunity that can only be achieved through the generosity of Patrons who choose to financially support this preservation project.  An amount of $50,000 is needed to guarantee this magnificent instrument is restored by the finest craftsmen and technicians in the world.  The success of restoring our Steinway is within reach.  Patrons supporting this project will be remembered as those who Saved Our Steinway.  They will be the ones who answered the call, SOS:  Save Our Steinway.

The Steinway Restoration Center in New York is the only authorized piano rebuilder in the world.  A complete new Steinway soundboard and genuine action will be added and all hardware will be replaced.  The work is backed by an all inclusive five year warranty, the same as for a brand new Steinway.  A dated certification will verify the piano has been restored using 100% genuine Steinway parts.

Consider the old piano waiting to again make beautiful music.  Then, consider how much you are able to contribute to the cause.  Any donated amount is welcomed and much needed.  If you choose to donate $100 or more, your name will be one among our many Preservation Patrons.

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